• The Pulse of Technology

    Prescott Solutions is qualified because we our leadership team and staff stay engaged on the pulse and trend of current and upcoming technology trends. We are constantly challenging ourselves to understand the needs of technology projects, growing companies but also our talents needs and desires in the technology space. We are qualified because every customer matters and our talent keep referring to us to help them locate their next project. We work hard at developing new and innovative service offerings to address a market need. We also really search for opportunities for our consultants who bring great depth and knowledge as well as diversity to the companies they work to assist. It is also important to know that on all of or projects we stress “team.”

  • A Breath of Fresh Approach

    Prescott Solutions is a privately-held technology firm providing IT and ERP contingent labor and consulting services to mid-market and Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Our firm combines a wealth of practical business expertise with innovative sourcing methods dedicated to providing acute consultancy in the all technology sectors. Whether you are looking for the best technology and most diverse talent, an experienced technology outsourcing partner, or a career or executive in the technology industry, Prescott Solutions delivers time and time again.

  • ProMatch™…Your Ticket to Quality

    ProMatch™ is our specialized system that allows us to match the right candidates with the right company. Prescott Solutions has extensive experience with focused IT and ERP specialties across a range of industries. We’ve serviced nearly every business sector with a strong emphasis in matching the right technical talent. Our ProMatch™ system is our unique system that helps identify technical applicants who do not have the extensive expertise needed to service our clients.

Our Mission and Vision Are All About Delivering Results

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