Hiring Wisdom: 7 Tips Your Recruiters Need to Fill IT and ERP Technology Jobs

Are you tired of the high costs that come with hiring technical talent that underperform?

You are not alone. I have spoken with dozens of business owners who are fed up with the over-priced staffing firms who are just delivering bodies but not really delivering the talent and “culture fits” for their teams. Also large staffing agencies are not interested in working with small to mid-size business and developing their workforce plan that really meets their company budget.

Welcome to the wonderful “World of Oz” in hiring technology positions. Here are 7 Tips Recruiters should know for Hiring IT and ERP jobs:

  1. IT and ERP Recruiting Tip #1Understanding your Hiring Manager Needs – Go the extra mile to have an hour to two hour conversation with the hiring manager and/or their hiring partner. What are they really looking for? What will the candidate work on from day one? Are they a project team lead or a functional part of the team?  What are the relevant functional skills needed to address requirements for the candidate to be on task? What is your hiring mangers schedule for interviewing?
  2. IT and ERP Recruiting Tip #2 – Do your IT and ERP homework – You have been working as a recruiter and doing a good job but now you are hiring a specialized IT position. Do you know what they do? What are the necessary certifications required to be proficient in this position? Have you gone the extra mile to create tailored pre-screen questions so you can actually have a qualified conversation with your IT candidates? It is your job to get the A-List candidates excited about the next phase in the interview process with your hiring manager. How are you going to do that if you sound inexperienced on the phone?
  3. IT and ERP Recruiting Tip #3Creating an accurate job description – You may need to ignore the plain job requisition kicked down from the HR department. Think about what type of candidate is going to survive in your company culture. Never send out a dry and boring job description. A-list IT and ERP talent have their pick of the litter, so the job description should entice them so much that they are willing to come into your project at a lower salary rate just to be part of your team.
  4. IT and ERP Recruiting Tip #4 – Go Deeper than just the resume – Just because a candidate has Microsoft, Cisco Certification, PMP or Lean Six Sigma certification doesn’t mean they really know it. You must conduct pre-screens even if with limited time in your schedule. Don’t let your company’s recruiting software do the recruiting for you. There are gems in those applications and candidates who will make you look like a recruiting superhero.
  5. IT and ERP Recruiting Tip #5 – Understanding the talent –  Look for candidates who are objective and can share their knowledge about the innovative IT and ERP solutions available on the market, as well as team players. Know their salary requirements before you send them over to the hiring manager so you are not back peddling when they demand too much in the offer stage.
  6. IT and ERP Recruiting Tip #6 – Go further than just your internal job posting – In today’s market, most companies have some powerful recruiting software tools that know how to suck in candidates and recycle past submitters. Use your social media to become a technical recruiting rock star. There is a vast array of social media modicums, so use them and show off your recruiting skills with a precise candidate delivery.
  7. IT and ERP Recruiting Tip #7 – Your Social Media Profiles – Since I love using social media to attract new clients and candidates alike, you must have a strong profile. What groups are in your profile? You can attract top talent to connect with you, but you must be someone they want to connect with. Make sure you have a detailed profile for example on LinkedIn that demonstrates prowess in the recruiting arena. If you a new recruiter looking to carve a path then highlight what else makes you stand out as a must know recruiter. What are your special skills or community interests?

Let’s face it, it is tough bringing in outside consultants to manage an internal team that has been in place for years and then tell them how you are going to stream line their business processes, overhaul their communication plans for organizational development and then show them the lighted path to businesses success with a newly implemented ERP or Cloud solution without having spectacular talent to deliver the messaging.  As technology evolves we will be there to help companies and candidates alike through our blogs stay abreast of the trends in IT hiring, EHR Consulting and ERP Consulting.

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