Are Your Hiring Managers Turning Away Your A-List Candidates?

Ever heard of the Napoleon complex? If you have, then you know many hiring managers are intimidated by Super Star candidates in the world of IT and ERP.

Implementing an ERP system is among the most expensive, time-consuming and complicated tasks an IT department can take on. The potential for delays and unexpected expenses lurk around every corner so getting the right talent on the project is pivotal. And how do you acquire top talent for ERP projects? Don’t leave the screening, hiring and interviewing to overzealous Hiring Managers with little experience in hiring ERP Consultants, IT, Oracle, SAP and Tier II software project managers.

If you are a seasoned recruiter then you know the pains of sending top talent to your hiring manager, only to have your HM’s delay the process by not immediately responding to your top candidates. Just so you are aware this is very typical.

Those involved in the hiring process can commit a litany of sins in the hiring process, such as interrupting interviews to answer phone calls, failing to take notes, acting bored or distracted, bad-mouthing their own companies, constantly re-scheduling, intimidating applicants, or asking “gotcha” questions for no reason at all. I would agree with an article by that weak hiring managers never hire Top A-List talent. And Top IT and ERP talent simply do not respond well to these types of activities. And why should they, as they are specialists in their fields who can make or break an ERP Consulting project. The Hiring  Manager, CIO, COO, CFO all need their ERP skills sets so they can keep their jobs, so snubbing them only drives up the hiring costs, increases the risks of project delays and failures.

The Costs of Bad Hiring Managers

At worst, untrained hiring managers can open their employers to lawsuits by asking questions deemed illegal by federal nondiscrimination standards, simply because they felt like it. This also explains why many corporations are bringing in outside HR consultants and niche staffing agencies for staffing consultations to help with training techniques for internal recruiters and hiring managers to ensure a successful hire right from the start. One of my toughest HR consulting projects was centered on how to train the talent acquisition team to comply with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hiring requirements.

A small investment—anywhere from $3000  and up—can make the difference, hiring experts say, between securing top IT and ERP talent vs. consistently shelling out $30,000 and up to large staffing firms who locate talent who could still tank your ERP project. Most companies assume the resume is enough but don’t go the extra mile to get the “perfect fit” for the project. Hiring is so much more than reading a resume and interviewing. Interviewing is a job skill in its own right, but so many of us in the hiring community treat the interview process like a bad poker game and their recruiters like glorified secretaries and miss the mark on hiring. Companies implementing new ERP systems should outsource the technical positions to specialized recruiting firms who focus on hiring top technical talent.

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