Not all Recruiters are created equal in Social Media

In all honesty for recruiters, social media, new software and technology have vastly improved the capacity to research and source talent on the internet.  But having the ability to recruit and/or source is one thing but having the real grit and passion to find, screen and place diverse talent is something different entirely.   It is very frustrating since numerous individuals who hold the title of “recruiter” don’t actually recruit.  Most internal, external, technical and executive “recruiters” simply post jobs to various job boards and sift through resumes for keywords. And don’t get me wrong the technology is great, for example LinkedIn is a great resource for locating talent. However, LinkedIn is about building relationships and a typical recruiter or executive search consultant is generally ineffective at communicating with a wider range of diverse executive level talent.

We like many firms utilize LinkedIn but as a “niche” boutique firm we have already vetted hundreds of candidates for roles that we know we will fill for clients, so we are 3 steps ahead of the process. The beautiful side to LinkedIn and other Social media platforms is that because we are boutique firm, passive candidates privately come to us with their needs and expressing their future desires. We foster relationships with our candidates and our clients so that we are matching the right players with the right teams.

And a technology that doesn’t have a broad minded recruiter executing the talent falls short with diversity hiring.

Without question I have no desire to return to the pre-historic recruiting days without the use of software technology and social media and delivering “binders” to clients. But there is no technological way to convert a passive candidate, especially a candidate of diversity without fostering the human relationship and having a passion to see many companies achieve their diversity initiatives. You also have to swim and play where these candidates exist to build trust and most recruiters don’t go the extra mile once the work clock is turned off. And we are not talking about filling some “Affirmative Action” quota a company may carry, but rather about bringing a stellar opportunity to an amazing candidate who truly helps the companies ROI bottom line. Not all recruiters are created alike, as it takes a dedicated talent acquisition professional looking for the diverse golden gems to bring together a unique talent with a great opportunity.

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