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ERP Team BlogSo your company is about to embark on an IT or ERP system upgrade or implementation project. Although your staff would like to do the process analysis, planning, setup, and delivery, they simply cannot—it is beyond their normal workload, and may even be beyond their expertise. So how do you get the right company or consultants in place to assist your team that fits your budget? As the economy recovers, this is the new “age old” question that hundreds of businesses are facing worldwide. Many companies are faced with the most costly part of upgrading IT and software ERP systems when it comes to hiring a consulting firms and/or ERP consultants. Hiring the “wrong” person for a job is extremely costly and no one has time for unneeded lawsuits. Taking time upfront to complete a company analysis of the consulting firm and their consultant resources will save time and money as the hiring process continues.

No two organizations are alike nor do they conduct their business in exactly the same way even if they are integrating the same off-the-shelf software system like Oracle or SAP. When it comes to finalizing the selection process on who is going to guide you through your technological upgrade, there are a myriad of questions that you need to ask yourself to ensure guaranteed project delivery: Does the consulting firm have the right ERP consultants on your project? Do they really know your business needs? Can the consultants provide the leadership and expertise to stay on scope and deliver your new system?

Once you have decided on the consulting firm you plan to use, you need to stop and ask more questions than ever before. Research shows that many implementations fail not because of the system but because of the personnel guiding the project. Here are some questions that you should use as a guideline before you contract any consulting firm. Does your ERP Consultant or Project Manager understand the ERP Project Schedule or true implementation timeline? Can they help you avoid scope creep or are they just there to sell you unnecessary additional consulting services to rack up the consulting bill? Can they help you find the right timing and business case needs?

By witnessing from other failed ERP selection and ERP implementation projects, we have learned that timing and readiness assessments are critical to the success of any implementation. Your ERP consultant must be ready to guide you through both. Look for consultants who are extremely well versed in Project Management since those skills are vital to avoiding additional costs and project scope creep.

There is no doubt, that it is tough to know what IT or ERP consultant is the “golden goose”, but using these tips can help steer you into contracting the right consultant to help you with your IT or ERP project.  As technology evolves we will be there to help companies and candidates alike through our blogs stay abreast of the trends in IT hiring, EHR Consulting and ERP Consulting. Click through to learn more about Prescott Solutions staffing services, including SAP, Oracle and IT -specific resources. Or, if you’re a Systems Administrator, Project Manager or ERP consultant looking for your next project, check out our Careers page or submit your resume for future opportunities coming soon.

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