What Do the Next Generation of ERP Consultants Look Like?

The primary function of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultant is to assist organizations in their transition towards new or updated ERP software systems. ERP consultants exist to help advise and provide their experience to your company’s ERP project. They can help with parts of the life-cycle of an ERP project, or, the full life-cycle from matching your business with the best software to handling internal changes as a result of the implementation. With the growing demand for technology platforms and increasing catalogue of ERP consultantsglobally, it is essential that companies know what to look for in their next ERP consultant.


Below is a universal checklist of points when considering what characteristics to look for in the next generation of ERP consultants:

  • Familiarity of the software is the most important asset a consultant brings to a project – they understand how to best implement, design, test, and trainstaff/employees on usage and troubleshooting.
  • In general, ERP consultants have a college degree and are specialists in the field ofcomputer software, specifically ERP software, but what special certifications do they carry? Are the six sigma certified? Are they certified Project Managers?
  • Should also know the basic modules like Purchasing, Inventory, General Ledger, etc. as well as the underlying technicalities.
  • Good communication skills are important, as they should be able to answer all questions from staff.
  • The consultant must understand the flow and operations of your company so that they can understand your business environment in order to implement the best ERP application.
  • They should also have an aptitude for problem solving and finding creative solutions.

At the end of the day, for the next generation of ERP consultants, it is essential that they are well informed in the latest ERP technology and software so they can match your firm’s unique needs with the best software program. Successful consultants should be able to adapt to a client’s business processes to determine where ERP systems & software would be most handy. In this way, they act as a bridge between technical teams, existing resource management systems and new roles implemented with the ERP system.


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