The Battle to Staff Generation Y Talent

Gen Y

That battle to staff top university talent is beginning. According to studies, in less than two years, Generation Y will make up more than 50% of the workforce. The winners of this top talent will be the companies that recruit, hire and motivate the most ambitious, adaptable and active recent graduates and young professionals. New or recent graduations can infuse fresh thinking and new insight into your company; but how can you ensure that they will be the best fit and get the work done? This can be tricky, so below is a general list of some ways to ensure your company appeals to new graduates.

  • Get out there: New grads have to know about you before you can hire them. Focus on colleges and universities with programs in the area(s) you are hiring for. The career placement office will be able to tell you about college career fairs you might want to attend.
  •  Sell the sizzle: The job you are hiring for might not be the most glamorous one, so be sure to include a sense of your company’s culture in your listing, in addition to anything else that will make it stand out and grab the graduates’ attention. Tell a story on why the graduates should want to work for your company.
  • Lose the attitude: Recent grads are turned off by the attitude that it is an employers’ market and that the company does not have to sell itself. Enthusiastically show the interviewee that you care about their interests and career goals.
  • Emphasize their impact: Generation Y is entitled, so the potential to have a greater impact than menial tasks is very appealing to them. The opportunity for hands-on learning and making a difference is alluring.
  • Plot a career path: Quell fears of limited options for career growth by discussing the options early on with interviewees. Generation Y is not ‘one size fits all’, and recent grads should not all be treated the same. Share your insights so the prospective employee knows you are serious about his/her personal goals.

Today, more than ever, companies both big and small are learning to adapt to and embrace generation Y values in their recruiting processes in order to acquire the best students. Take a genuine interest in the candidates that the recruiters want to hire, and the grads will instinctively want to work for your firm.  Every graduate has unique traits and talent, so hiring the right graduate will add some value to the company.  As an employer, you should not fail to see that you must offer something more substantial that a paycheck in order to attract top Generation Y talent.


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