Understanding Successful Staffing Factors

staffing_puzzleHaving an efficient and well-constructed staffing system in an invaluable tool for workforce management. Such a system involves more than technology and software – the human capital and social capital are just as important. Naturally, the goals of a staffing system are to source and recruit great talent, cultivate them, maintain existing staff, and build the company’s standing as a top employer.  So what are the successful staffing factors that can help you achieve this plan?

Sourcing, Recruiting and Selection – this process should include every step between promoting the job listing(s), locating potential candidates, and processing new hires and orientation. Recruiters must have a strong understanding of the job description and qualifications in order to create accurate and thorough job postings, and eventually hand pick the best-fit applicant. The time put into these initial steps can make or break a hiring decision.

Pay and Benefits – The ability to attract top candidates can depend on the capability to offer competitive wages and other enticing benefits.

Performance Management – A solid performance management program is an important factor of an efficient staffing system.  A stronger program guarantees that employees, both current and future, understand their job expectations, their performance benchmarks, and their growth opportunities.  Performance programs also allow employees to be acknowledged for their proficiencies and impact, and, allow the poor performers to be removed.  This program links directly with employee development and promotion. Internal promotions are a great way to build reputation internally and externally.

In the end, the above factors all contribute to a more effective and attractive staffing system. Each and every step of the process must maximize the likelihood that the selected candidate meets the expectations by increasing the chances that under qualified applicants are screened out at each step along the way. This will enhance the candidates’ interest in the job and in the organization as a potential employer.


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