Top Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Staffing Provider

Hand-Picks-SymbolFinding the right people to fill positions at your company, at the right time, and at the right price is a problem that continues to remain the same when attempting to select a staffing provider. However, despite the problems staying the same, the solutions have taken on new dimensions in recent years.  To get to the point, in order to find a staffing vendor that can formulate unique solution(s) and deliver value, your company must be ready to ask the following important questions:

  1. Does the staffing provider post positions or build a talent pool? Posting jobs is a need that will most likely never go away, even if everything shifts towards completely digital. Every firm needs to post jobs to make potential applicants aware of the opening. In addition, and more importantly, the staffing firm must be able to develop a talent pool that is ready to be considered in case a position opens up.
  2. Does the staffing firm have both local and national coverage? The United States has quite a few “ma and pop” or boutique staffing companies, and there are benefits to using such firms. However, if your company is of a larger/corporate size, you must also be able to assess the staffing provider’s to meet your needs both locally and nationally. You can ensure this by requiring the bidding staffing providers to describe their coverage model.
  3. Is your company looking for a virtual bench or requisition management? Do you want the staffing partner to understand your business and build a virtual bench that is simply waiting for your openings? Or, do you want a provider that handles your requests for new hires so your HR department doesn’t have to?
  4. How quickly are services provided? It is a simple question, but a very vital one to ask the bidding staffing providers. Getting transparency and honesty earlier on regarding this matter is crucial in terms of setting expectations, and can even provide important insight into the vendor. A vendor that can approach this up front will lead a long-term staffing relationship.
  5. Does the staffing firm outsource any part(s) of their infrastructure to other staffing and training providers? Similar to the previous question, it is important to understand up front whether or not the firm outsources part of their operations to another provider. If a staffing vendor does outsource, make sure you are both clear on obligations and accountability. It also does not hurt to take a look at your vendor’s external vendors and ask this same list of questions about them.

The questions above will get you started in your search for a staffing provider. In your quest to choose the best staffing provider or temporary services vendor, be sure to partner with a company that works hard to recognize the intricacies of your business’s needs, and a provider who will formulate an exclusive solution that delivers value and answers to your issues.  Making a decision does not have to be a leap of faith. Asking the right questions and getting the most information up front can give your company better odds of choosing a staffing firm that fits best with your own company.


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