Are College Graduates Ready To Enter The Job Market?

You celebrated, you traveled and now it's really time to get to work. Now that summer is almost over what next? The first part of summer is when employers get flooded with resumes from hopeful college graduates looking for jobs. A bachelor’s degree doesn't hold as much status today as it did a decade ago, but you still have to have one to be considered for any position. What may be even more important than your degree now is your actual work experience. Your experience can be in the form ... Read more >

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Staffing Provider

Finding the right people to fill positions at your company, at the right time, and at the right price is a problem that continues to remain the same when attempting to select a staffing provider. However, despite the problems staying the same, the solutions have taken on new dimensions in recent years.  To get to the point, in order to find a staffing vendor that can formulate unique solution(s) and deliver value, your company must be ready to ask the following important questions: Does the ... Read more >

Traditional Hiring vs. Skills-based Hiring

Is it safer to hire based on college and graduate degrees? Or, based on skills and certificates? Traditionally, hiring new employees relies on degrees and resumes as a forecaster of accomplishments on the job. The debate surrounding alternative options to college and graduate degrees as predictors of success is more relevant to today’s business world than people realize. To support the typical “flip” side of the argument, when employers use a college degree as a requirement, they are overlooking ... Read more >

Understanding Successful Staffing Factors

Having an efficient and well-constructed staffing system in an invaluable tool for workforce management. Such a system involves more than technology and software – the human capital and social capital are just as important. Naturally, the goals of a staffing system are to source and recruit great talent, cultivate them, maintain existing staff, and build the company’s standing as a top employer.  So what are the successful staffing factors that can help you achieve this plan? Sourcing, ... Read more >

The Battle to Staff Generation Y Talent

That battle to staff top university talent is beginning. According to studies, in less than two years, Generation Y will make up more than 50% of the workforce. The winners of this top talent will be the companies that recruit, hire and motivate the most ambitious, adaptable and active recent graduates and young professionals. New or recent graduations can infuse fresh thinking and new insight into your company; but how can you ensure that they will be the best fit and get the work done? This ... Read more >

Diversify Your Executive Search

Diversity in the Executive suite has become an important topic in workforce planning for Fortune 500 companies and more. But what are these firms really doing to achieve their diversity initiative goals? The Reuters National Survey revealed that “Diversity in the Work place is Critical in Attracting and Retaining Talent” and Forbes Survey noted that “Workplace Diversity Key to Innovation.” But unfortunately, I am not surprised to see more articles like Michael Soon Lee’s on why most companies ... Read more >

Are Your Hiring Managers Turning Away Your A-List Candidates?

Ever heard of the Napoleon complex? If you have, then you know many hiring managers are intimidated by Super Star candidates in the world of IT and ERP. Implementing an ERP system is among the most expensive, time-consuming and complicated tasks an IT department can take on. The potential for delays and unexpected expenses lurk around every corner so getting the right talent on the project is pivotal. And how do you acquire top talent for ERP projects? Don’t leave the screening, hiring and ... Read more >

Hiring Wisdom: 7 Tips Your Recruiters Need to Fill IT and ERP Technology Jobs

Are you tired of the high costs that come with hiring technical talent that underperform? You are not alone. I have spoken with dozens of business owners who are fed up with the over-priced staffing firms who are just delivering bodies but not really delivering the talent and “culture fits” for their teams. Also large staffing agencies are not interested in working with small to mid-size business and developing their workforce plan that really meets their company budget. Welcome to the ... Read more >

The Risks on Hiring the Wrong Candidate and Why You Need ProMatch

Since its asset sale of the Panorama Division, Prescott Solutions has narrowed it’s focus on delivering top IT and ERP Talent through our ProMatch System. From SAP, Oracle and Tier II functional experts to solution architects to ERP project managers, we take pride in bringing the best and brightest our industry has to offer to our clients. I recently visited with the CEO of an IT Technology company that posts approximately $50M in annual revenue.  Prescott Solutions had been retained to fill ... Read more >