Value Your Resources!

It is no secret that top resources have amazing value if you get the right one, especially in the IT and ERP industry. Several top-notch ERP consulting companies are noticing that their hiring expenses are going through the roof in 2013. The question is: why? The financial implications of a bad IT and ERP hire are astronomical. If you don’t value your resources then you are stuck replacing talented candidates.  It is simple math on why the costs go up: your staff spend dozens of hours creating ... Read more >

Deciphering “The Playbook” – What your ERP vendor doesn’t want you to know

Are you considering the daunting task of obtaining a new ERP system? If so, the following is a must read to get you started, and to help you weed out the fluff and focus on the functionality and fit that matters the most to YOU not to your ERP Vendor. It is important to understand that every ERP and EHR vendor has a “Playbook” that they will try to follow to make every sale. This does not necessarily mean they will take a cookie-cutter approach. Nevertheless, rest assured, they will always try ... Read more >

5 Tips for finding a good subcontractor

Many large corporations and prime contractors know that subcontracting with smaller firms provides huge government contracting opportunities.  It is no secret that the U.S. government is the world’s largest single purchaser of goods and services. According to, the federal government is budgeted to spend over $6.3 Trillion on contracts in the fiscal year for 2013 with outside providers of goods and services. Within that figure are not only prime contracts awarded to ... Read more >

Diversify Your Executive Search

Diversity in the Executive suite has become an important topic in workforce planning for Fortune 500 companies and more. But what are these firms really doing to achieve their diversity initiative goals? The Reuters National Survey revealed that “Diversity in the Work place is Critical in Attracting and Retaining Talent” and Forbes Survey noted that “Workplace Diversity Key to Innovation.” But unfortunately, I am not surprised to see more articles like Michael Soon Lee’s on why most companies ... Read more >