ProMatch™ Client 10 Point System

Our Client’s Best Friend—the ProMatch™ 10-Point Client Services System

ProMatch LogoThe ProMatch™10-Point Client Services System is the quality methodology we use to identify and match the right professional to the right job at the right company. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail we give each client request and the guarantee of superior, diligent service we ensure at every step of the ProMatch® process. The system takes each candidate through a 10-point checklist to assure delivery of the best candidate available.

Ten Steps of the ProMatch™ 10-Point Client Services System

  1. An in-depth client questionnaire, finding the right candidate begins here.
  2. An in-person client consultation that involves an in-depth discussion about your needs and expectations.
  3. Our diligent candidate sourcing that is based on the job description you submitted and identifies only the candidates that meet your criteria.
  4. A thorough candidate screening that saves you time and money and immediately identifies and purges bad candidates.
  5. Our resume review and reveal that, along with our Lexis Nexis and Linked In scrubs, identifies all candidate discrepancies and red flags.
  6. Our interview process that asks the questions that reveal individual quality, personal and business skillsets and individual’s ability to work on in a team-based culture.
  7. Our background check process that enlists the newest technology and professional service providers to ensure that all criteria are revealed and all candidate requirements are met.
  8. Our drug screening process that checks all candidates using two of the most advanced methods in substance abuse testing possible.
  9. Our ProMatch™ candidate rating sheet that matches you with your ideal candidate based on a key indicator assessment.
  10. Our ProMatch™ candidate report that synopsizes the candidate analysis and assist you in your final selection process.