Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Staffing Consultants Delivered Overnight

ProMatch LogoNo two organizations conduct their business in exactly the same way.  There will always be a unique process or system inherent within an organization that will differentiate it from its competitors. Since the needs of our customers are many and varied, our service approach is based on flexibility and is tailored to your requirements.

ERP/SAP/Oracle/PeopleSoft/Sharepoint acquisition services for flexibility in human capital resources.

Prescott Solutions enjoys helping organizations meet the challenge of acquiring quality technology talent. Specialized expertise in SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sharepoint and other top ERP systems is the most critical, and scarce, resource in the world economy today. Finding the right people with the right skills is the difference between success and failure. Finding talent with the breadth of knowledge and experience needed to ensure your project is a success is our specialty. We help organizations cultivate ERP resources quickly, working to ensure the right fit for your needs and goals. Our proprietary network of over 10,000 ERP professionals’ gives you access to high-caliber, carefully screened talent that can’t be found elsewhere. Go direct and place a job order here.

ProMatch™ for ERP, ORACLE and SAP

Critical success factors for staffing any project involve getting the right person, at the right time and at the right cost deployed and ready to contribute day one. We provide Resource acquisition services for flexibility in human capital. We deliver SAP contingent labor solutions to support complex SAP environments across the United States. Unlike our competitors we are also focused on SAP—and therefore uniquely qualified to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We also provide unique SAP partnering services for larger firms who don’t have the ability to pre-screen utilizing our ProMatch™ for ERP system.

Having the right team members in place can make all the difference. The agility to adapt and grow the skills of your SAP staffing resources can empower your company to ensure the anticipated benefits of SAP are realized – and secure new opportunities for your business.

Building your in-house staff plays a major role in your successful deployment of SAP. As an end-to-end provider supporting all aspects of your SAP initiatives, Prescott Solutions offers a particularly deep expertise in SAP staffing and resource acquisition. We help organizations cultivate SAP resources rapidly, working to ensure the correct fit for your needs and objectives. Our proprietary network of thousands of SAP professionals give you access to high-caliber, carefully screened talent that can’t be found elsewhere.

SAP staffing services to enhance your internal SAP resources – and let you stay focused on your core business activities.

As an Oracle Gold Level member, we’re 100 percent focused on delivering fast, cost-effective access to the world’s leading Oracle project specialists. Combining intimate knowledge of the Oracle technology stack with an in-depth understanding of how to effectively staff Oracle projects, we excel at interpreting requirements, locating human capital, and then deploying the right resources for virtually any Oracle project.

As an innovative firm we are constantly seeking out top Oracle talent. Just as important, we expect our Oracle specialists to truly understand Oracle technologies and environments. Our recruiting team matches candidates not just by keywords, but also through our ProMatch® for ERP system we make careful assessments of communication skills, industry experience, logistical considerations, and more.