What is the difference between a functional consultant and a technical consultant?

Today, most companies are hiring consultants with technological qualifications, especially when it comes to IT and ERP projects and consulting. If your aim is to make and/or keep your company top in its field, then it is advised to employ both a functional consultant and a technical consultant in your business because both play their own role in enhancing business efficiency and profitability. The main function of a consultant is to manage the day-to-day functioning of a program or system. ... Read more >

Women and the New Faces of Technology

For many years, men have dominated the technology industry. However, the increasing number of women entrepreneurs and business leaders cannot be ignored, and more women are starting to make their marks in the tech industry. The most notable recent examples are Marissa Mayer, the new president and CEO of Yahoo Inc., Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, and Karen Quintos, Dell's chief marketing officer. The fast facts (from an April report commissioned by American Express OPEN, ... Read more >

Putting together the right ERP team

So your company is about to embark on an IT or ERP system upgrade or implementation project. Although your staff would like to do the process analysis, planning, setup, and delivery, they simply cannot—it is beyond their normal workload, and may even be beyond their expertise. So how do you get the right company or consultants in place to assist your team that fits your budget? As the economy recovers, this is the new “age old” question that hundreds of businesses are facing worldwide. Many ... Read more >

Are Your Hiring Managers Turning Away Your A-List Candidates?

Ever heard of the Napoleon complex? If you have, then you know many hiring managers are intimidated by Super Star candidates in the world of IT and ERP. Implementing an ERP system is among the most expensive, time-consuming and complicated tasks an IT department can take on. The potential for delays and unexpected expenses lurk around every corner so getting the right talent on the project is pivotal. And how do you acquire top talent for ERP projects? Don’t leave the screening, hiring and ... Read more >

Hiring Wisdom: 7 Tips Your Recruiters Need to Fill IT and ERP Technology Jobs

Are you tired of the high costs that come with hiring technical talent that underperform? You are not alone. I have spoken with dozens of business owners who are fed up with the over-priced staffing firms who are just delivering bodies but not really delivering the talent and “culture fits” for their teams. Also large staffing agencies are not interested in working with small to mid-size business and developing their workforce plan that really meets their company budget. Welcome to the ... Read more >

The Risks on Hiring the Wrong Candidate and Why You Need ProMatch

Since its asset sale of the Panorama Division, Prescott Solutions has narrowed it’s focus on delivering top IT and ERP Talent through our ProMatch System. From SAP, Oracle and Tier II functional experts to solution architects to ERP project managers, we take pride in bringing the best and brightest our industry has to offer to our clients. I recently visited with the CEO of an IT Technology company that posts approximately $50M in annual revenue.  Prescott Solutions had been retained to fill ... Read more >